Which Will Be The Best Weight Loss Program For You

Weight loss systems differ in their structure and working. Some support calorie restrictive diets, some promote a combination of diet and increased physical activity while others depend completely on the use of dietary supplements. Make your choice.

  • Calorie Controlled Diet –

A calorie restrictive diet is regarded as an effective weight loss program. The diets are low or moderate calorie diets – rich in dietary fiber and protein and low in fats. The fibers and proteins take longer to digest and hence control hunger.

  • Diet and Exercise –

The combination of diet and exercise is an unbeatable one; it is the best weight loss program. Diet implies eating healthy but low calorie foods. Exercise does not necessarily mean hard breaking exercise, but plainly increased physical activity. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, skipping will accelerate the metabolism. In addition to this, you need to undertake muscle building exercises. Muscle mass plays a crucial role in fat burning in the body.

  • Fasting –

Many have considered fasting plans to shed the excess unwanted pounds. Intermittent fasting has been regarded as the most effective fasting pattern in this regard. Intermittent fasting is a food pattern characterized by alternate periods of fasting and non-fasting. Fasting prompts your body to burn the fatty deposits to provide fuel for the body in the absence of food.

  • Dietary Supplements –

Dietary supplements are fast gaining popularity in the weight loss and fitness industry. They work in various ways to trim your waistline. There are fat burners (burn fatty deposits in the body); Fat blockers (prevent the formation of fatty deposits by interfering with hormone function) appetite suppressants (control hunger cravings) and diuretics (get rid of water weight). Garcinia Cambogia is one such supplement. It is made from the extract obtained from the rind of Gambogia fruit.

  • Weight Loss Forums –

In this modern age of internet, online clubs and forums also help you melt the pounds with ease. Such groups form great educational and interactive platforms. You can learn about nutrition and exercise habits for weight loss. Working together with likeminded individuals makes it easier to stick to a diet plan or exercise routine. There are several commercial and self help programs online. Commercial systems also offer packages to members – vitamin and mineral supplements, packaged diets, exercise plans and other exercise equipment such as pedometers and tools to chart your achievements. There are also free exercise and diet programs online.

The effectiveness of any system is determined by your commitment to it. To add you should consult your doctor on the use of a particular system. This applies mainly if you suffer from a chronic medical condition and if you use medication.

Keep these tips in mind to make the system you choose the best weight loss program for you. It will also help you sustain the achieved results.

Source by Mohd Hairul Hisham