Why Intensity Interval Training For Older People?

Not all people contemplating fitness training start out at the same level.

If you think of walking from the far end of the parking lot as reasonably good exercise, your fitness goal should also be reasonable for starters. If you regularly climb all the stairs to your office (six, seven, eight or more flights), you're allowed to set your fitness goal considerably higher. A professional athlete can aim higher yet, but he or she probably already has a personal trainer.

Fitness training is designed to

a) maintain or improve cardiovascular health
b) increase strength and endurance
c) improve flexibility and manage weight

These benefits are desirable for every one, regardless of fitness level, age or weight.

Still, fitness level, age and weight are important considerations when planning an exercise regimen. Simply put, a reasonably fit twenty year old can train at a higher intensity level than the average grandpa.

One type of training which has become very popular in recent times is high intensity interval training.

Performed at its highest level it is enough to bring a professional athlete to his knees. It can also lead to mental fatigue and boredom. The trainee must bring an intense level of commitment to the gym. While the results are definitely worth it, the type of work out demanded at the highest level is not for everyone.

The advantage of high intensity interval training is that good results are achieved in much less time.

This certainly would benefit even people in the older age ranges or those with a few extra pounds. Fortunately, test results at McMasters University support the hypothesis that interval training at reduced levels of intensity also brings quite desirable results. Even overweight or not so young people are able to perform these alternating higher intensity / lower intensity work outs and achieve very good results.

Benefits of this type of HIIT are that anyone can do it.

Interest is maintained by the variety introduced into the program, and both mind and body are engaged. The largest advantage is the fact that great results can be achieved in reasonably short periods of time per week. Thus, intensity interval fitness training is possible for older people, too. If greater fitness is your goal and fitness training is on your resolutions list, please go here for super information , a lot of it absolutely free.

Source by Lis Jakub