Why Use An Elliptical Trainer?

Elliptical trainers have been around long enough to become a mainstream piece of fitness equipment. Each year they increase in popularity. Many gyms and fitness centers now have as many or more elliptical trainers than they have treadmills.

The best way to describe an elliptical trainer is to compare it to running on or in the air. Research shows that exercising on a good elliptical trainer is comparable to jogging in terms of energy expenditure and fitness benefit. All this with little or no impact to the body. Your back, knees, hips and feet are protected while you get full body workout.

Using the handlebars on the elliptical trainer works the upper body in a similar manner as a Nordic Track exerciser, which of course mimics the upper body motion of cross-country skiing. This combination of upper and lower body workout is much more efficient. All this means that you burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

Many trainers talk about the "Rate of perceived exercise" when they are discussing the benefits of using an elliptical trainer. This means that your mind and body do not realize that you are doing an intestinal workout. According to some people this makes the workout on an elliptical trainer much more enjoyable.

These days there are many quality elliptical trainers on the market. Choosing one to fit you can be a problem. Good quality manufactures like Nordic Track, Schwinn, Tunturi, Nautilus, Life fitness, Horizon, Vision and Reebok all produce good quality elliptical trainers. The first step in finding the right model at the right price and that is durable is to research reviews online and in fitness magazines.

The best way to determine what trainers will fit your workout style is to physically try them out. This can be done at the gym or local Y or you can visit your local dealer and ask if you can demo the elliptical trainer. When conducting the test make sure you do an intense workout similar to that you would normally do at the local fitness center. Ask lots of questions, including warranty information both from the factor and available aftermarket warranties.

A quality elliptical trainer that fits you and is reliable will make keeping in shape much easier and enjoyable. Ellipticals can be used by almost anyone because they are low impact. We believe they are a worthy investment into your health and well being.

Source by Jim Kesel